After 18 years since its inception KeyVisions™ eSite goes open source and platform agnostic becoming Spin the Web: the purpose of this site is to publish the accumulated experience and in so doing create a meeting space for a community. The essence of Spin the Web is WBOL, an XML based language for describing complete web sites, web portals, web applications, web services—herein referred to collectively as webos. The goal of this project is to show how to develop webos with WBOL.

Spin the Web™ icon

The icon was designed by Alberto Baldisserotto, it represents a wobbling spin top, the stylized W on the spin top stands for Web; but, if you stare at it, as Massimo Pozza points out, it is also the base of a flame, thus, Spin the Web also lights up the web.



WBOL came to be, and has evolved, in response to genuine needs; in the years it has well adapted to the ever-changing World Wide Web scene denoting that the aproach is sound, these years have disclosed subtle patterns that have simplified the original model increasing nonetheless its reach: WBOL has become a philosophy.

Spin the Web™ Project

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