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This code was originally created to put craigslist 'Curb Alerts' onto Google Maps. The intent was that if users could see locations in proximity to one another, they would be more likely to act. There were also plans to use this code in context of mobile devices/GPS.

Nonetheless, this code extracts non-uniform geographical information by seeking out street address suffixes and piecing together nearby relevant geographical information. It has been tested on a variety of samples and picks up a significant percentage of addresses (80%+). Considering that some addresses are barely human-readable and the simplicity of the searching algorithm, this is good. :)


Web Colors


Right now the code is able to generate arbitrary color schemes based on hue, saturation and brightness. The target audience is developers who want to abstract their color choices so that they are based on “offset” or relative colors rather than absolute picks. This can allow developers to give users control over theme color customization, for example.

Sometimes while designing CSS styles, it is often the case that you have 5 or so analgous colors to a similar base color. If a client or stakeholder ever wants to change the base color, the designer must change all 5 colors. This can often be laborious and inefficient. This is another use for this library/plugin.

Finally, and perhaps most useful, I will be including automatic contrast functionality. The goal will loosely be to make color contrast and accessibility coding much more painless. That is, you can easily change all of the colors contained on a page to be high-contrast with a single function call.





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We will find a more official way of updating this with version numbers and so on.

WordPress Rounded Images


WordPress Rounded Images is a WordPress plugin. WP Rounded Image puts rounded corners around your images. It does it using HTML/CSS markup only.


Please see our demo page here:



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